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How to Use a Chef’s Knife

This video is a good tutorial on the basic use of a Chef’s knife. Most experienced chefs have already had the lesson, but a quick refresher and practice session can reveal some bad habits picked up over the years. The most important part of this lesson is that the chef’s knife’s only real purpose is

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Commercial Griddle Selection

The griddle is an important piece of commercial kitchen equipment in many restaurants. Choosing a commercial griddle requires some serious thought about the volume of cooking expected, long term budget needs, space available, health regulations in your area, and even your power requirements. Prices range from just below $1,500 to over $7000, a serious amount

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Commercial Cookware for Home Chefs

Pros, this post is not for you. Professional Chef’s already understand the benefits of commercial cookware. Not only do they understand it, they demand it! They demand the easy cleaning, even cooking temperatures, durability, and professional design. Let’s look at some reasons that a home chef should demand the quality of commercial cookware. Pro Chefs

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Seasoning a Cast Iron Skillet

There’s some myths and half-truths about cast iron skillets, but I am certain that seasoning the skillet changes the taste of the food. If done right, it definitely changes taste for the better and makes the cast iron skillet easier to clean. Image via Wikipedia The basic premise to seasoning a cast iron skillet is

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