Ruffoni Copper Cookware. The Best in Long Lasting Cookware

Ruffoni copper cookware is an Italian company that specializes in the finest copper products for the kitchen. The company has been a leader in copper cookware manufacturing since 1962. Professional chefs worldwide use Ruffoni wherever cost allows. This company has the highest standards in all areas. They use only recyclable materials, strictly adhere to all health concerns regarding lead and cadmium, and only use expensive hand production processes instead of lesser and more dangerous chemical and mechanical procedures. These standards do increase the price, but the chef is getting more value when safety and quality is considered.

Copper is the best heat conductor. For even and fast cooking, nothing beats it. The drawback is the cost and that acidic food should not be cooked in direct contact with copper. Copper effects the taste of acidic food and some claim there is even a health danger. With Ruffoni, they’ve solved these drawbacks by lining their cookware with high quality, hand crafted tin.

Ruffoni cookware is made in an area of Italy where copper has been production has been important since ancient times. The suppliers produce the finest and purest copper. The tin is produced just for the company and it must adhere to the highest test of purity and meet all international standars. The rivets are made of a steel alloy that is very resistant to corrosion. Brass handles are mold melted which means that they can combine beautiful styling and retain excellent strength.

Ruffoni also makes fine hand hammered copper baking molds and copper utensils. If it is cookware and copper, one can count on them to make the best available. If the costs seem high, try a one piece and you’ll be hooked on it. The quality is good enough to last a lifetime or longer and the beautiful styling created during the handcrafted process is priceless. The Ruffoni 10 Piece Copper Opera Cookware Set Ruffoni Copper Cookware. The Best In Long Lasting Cookware pictured here is highly sought after by the finest chefs.

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