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The griddle is an important piece of commercial kitchen equipment in many restaurants. Choosing a commercial griddle requires some serious thought about the volume of cooking expected, long term budget needs, space available, health regulations in your area, and even your power requirements. Prices range from just below $1,500 to over $7000, a serious amount to consider. The commercial griddle is much more complex than standard chef cookware because of the wide range of applications and options available. With a little forethought, your decision can turn the investment of the correct griddle into a money maker.

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Consider the space available for the griddle and the amount of cooking expected. Is there enough space for the size that you need? General commercial griddle sizes range from 36″ to 72″. Too large of a griddle will waste valuable space and energy costs. Too small of a griddle and you risk losing time waiting for cooking space on the griddle.

Before considering any griddle, make sure you know what the local health codes are. The majority of commercial griddles are built to meet as many codes as possible, but there are always exceptions. Most companies have available options to make sure you meet code.

The quality of the commercial griddle is important for even temperatures across the griddle. Spotty heat on a griddle is frustrating. Poor quality will produce poor results, wasted time, and wasted food. Bargain shopping may lead to wasted money in cooking problems. You want a guarantee on the parts of the unit AND on the quality of the cooking surface.

The most important input a restaurant own can get is from the chef that will be using the commercial griddle. Don’t be surprised if they want you to spend a little extra for adjustable height and a preference in the cooking surface. Many experienced grill cooks do not like non-stick surfaces because they do not allow for proper seasoning of the grill. Sure, you can make up for the seasoned grill with fake spices, but if you have an experienced grill cook that really knows how to use the griddle, let him use his talents and teach others. The cleaning time saved is negligent if you want the best in taste. An experience chef will understand your cost concerns and work with you to come to the best commercial cooking equipment. – Restaurant, Foodservice, and Residential Kitchen Supplies offers commercial griddles with excellent service and warranties. Some quality manufacturers are –

  • G.E.T
  • Garland
  • Lang
  • Vulcan-Hart
  • Cecilware
  • Toastmaster
  • Electrolux
  • Wolf Range

These and many other commercial griddle makers provide for a wide choice of gas and electric options.

Portable options are also available for catering and mobile operations. One of the most popular portable griddles is the Blackstone commercial griddle. Propane is the best option for portable griddles. One of these can easily earn it’s keep if your operation caters or has events outdoors on a patio.

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