9 Best Commercial Tomato Slicers (2024 Reviews)

Does your cooking escapade entail lots of tomato slicing? If it is, you need to acquire and subsequently make do with a commercial tomato slicer. This is an appliance that is generally equipped to handle the task of tomato slicing​ plus other vegetables and fruits with absolute efficacy. It, in the course of doing that, cuts your time considerably.

Obviously, your first and foremost task is to find the most suitable slicer for the job. We are here to help you to do this. To help with this, we have sampled and are going to review the top ten tomato slicers that exist on the market as we speak.

List of The Best Commercial Tomato Slicers:

9. Dreamlab 3/8″ Blade Commercial Vegetable Fruit Dicer Onion Potato Tomato Slicer

10. Dreamlab 3/8

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Though meant to cut the tomatoes in shape, this item may perform so much more than that. It may also impact the mushrooms, potatoes, pepper, and a host of other vital ingredients. It also doubles up as possessing the greatest functionality of all the slicers on the market.

Its efficiency also stands out in the sense of being capable of tacking chores pretty effectively. Moreover, it is also useful in many other settings besides the kitchens alone. Allow us to add that it is both practical and compact enough to handle and subsequently make good use of.

8. Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer II 3/16 in Slice Tomato Cutter

9. Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer II 3/16 in Slice Tomato Cutter

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It is not uncommon for the blades of these slicers to misalign out of place especially when handling foods that are strong and tough. As a way out of this mess, you want a slicer that is similarly tougher and able to retain its stature for a prolonged duration of time.

Why not set your eyes on this one for a start? It does work to maintain the blade tension mechanism to keep the same tougher and tight enough for the most strenuous applications manageable. Its blade is also very sharp and less inclined to the risks of getting too blunt to handle.

7. Happybuy Commercial Vegetable Fruit Dicer 3/16″ Blade Onion Cutter

8. Happybuy Commercial Vegetable Fruit Dicer 3/16

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Do you have some commercial needs to take care of? If you do, we ask you to train your eyes on this heavy-duty and stainless steel tomato slicer. It is strong and able to withstand the toughest impacts that may be leveled against it from whichever quarter. The same goes for the associated breakdowns and damages.

All its critical parts and components are detachable. That fact allows for expedited handling and general overall maintenance. Also making it stand apart is the fact that it handles many allied tasks that revolve around cooking as a whole. It hence brings about many returns to investments.

6. Nemco – – Easy Tomato Slicer II 3/8 in Slice Tomato Cutter

6. Nemco - - Easy Tomato Slicer II 3/8 in Slice Tomato Cutter

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Are you prepping to make the hamburgers, salads, sandwiches and other sophisticated recipes? You can never settle for an ordinary slicer if you answered this question in the affirmative. Its stature is quite complicated and truly practical to make great use of. Then again, its outward appearance is also appealing.

For this reason, the item may also serve some aesthetic benefits over and above merely chopping your tomatoes to size. Making this item all the more awesome to make use of is the easy-to-use handle. It forms a tight grip and hence suffers less from the spate of looseness and fall-offs.

5. Zinnor Stainless Steel Restaurant Commercial Potato Vegetable Fruit Dicer

5. Zinnor Stainless Steel Restaurant Commercial Potato Vegetable Fruit Dicer

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To guarantee greater returns on investments, you need a slicer that is not only strong but also versatile enough to handle many associated tasks. We invite you to set your eyes on this one. With it, you may impact and handle the onions, mushrooms, potatoes, pepper, and vegetables.

Aside from its highly profitable nature, the knife itself is convenient and safe enough for your use. Additionally, many of its parts and components are aptly equipped for your own convenience. You are hence guaranteed the safety and peace of mind you need to go your way smoothly.

4. Norand Commercial Tomato Slicer 3/16″ Heavy Duty Tomato Cutter

4. Norand Commercial Tomato Slicer 3/16

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Does your whole life revolve around the matters of food preparation? If it is, you want an appliance that is suitable for use at home and in the restaurant at the same time. Look to none other than this one. It is strong and stable enough by virtue of the built-in Polyethylene material makeup.

Then again it does have a slide board that expedites the tasks of cutting through the various recipes with absolute ease. Also, the item contains a set of horizontal and vertical handles that enable proper cutting thanks to the ease with which they may be varied.

3. Nemco 55600-1 Tomato Slicer

3. Nemco 55600-1 Tomato Slicer

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Could it be that you operate in a timeline that is somewhat squeezed? You want a machine that can act to cut down the time and the labor you might need to expend to cut your tomatoes to size. Why not give this one the benefit of the doubt?

Its simplistic yet truly effective stature exists to guarantee this. Also coming as a benefit of this simplicity is the fact that the item does not require too much expertise from you. Lastly, it also mounts easily in the means of transportation that exists for your expedited movements.

2. Happybuy Commercial Tomato Slicer 3/16″ Heavy Duty Cutter

2. Happybuy Commercial Tomato Slicer 3/16

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Most of these household appliances may and rightly ought to go beyond merely serving the core role or need. Ideally, they should also stretch out to perform other allied tasks and associated benefits as well. We welcome you to attempt this one for the matters of your aesthetics.

Though streamlined and able to handle stricter chores, this item also guarantees simplified operations. Its control mechanisms are not too complicated for a simpler person to master. You may hence set your eyes on it as well if you are a starter as well. What’s more? Its blades are thicker and sharper at the same time!

1. New Star Foodservice 39696 Commercial Tomato Slicer, 1/4-Inch

1. New Star Foodservice 39696 Commercial Tomato Slicer, 1/4-Inch

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Some recipes will often demand that you place them on a cutting board prior to the handling thereof. In many cases, you may be required to supply this cutting board separately. Obviously, this is not only costly but also inconvenient not to mention the clutter you generally have to sustain all the while.

Its core comes about in stainless steel blades. These are firmer, sharper, and more stable, all factors considered. They subsequently tackle the task of piercing through the recipes with a fairer degree of precision. As the last trait, the slicer comprises the horizontal and vertical handles that manage proper cutting leverage.


Finding the best commercial tomato slicer is a task you can never with negligence. The choice you make can make or break the situation. As a plausible way forward, we ask you to factor in your expertise, the kinds of environments you intend to put yours to use, and the ingredients you have in mind.

It also pays to consult those who have already used these pieces of equipment before. Such persons are more likely to give you the head start you need to make an objective purchasing decision. Lastly, it also pays to start early. These items are too hot on-demand to delay acquiring.

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